Insurance - Surveillance / Interviews / Activity Checks

Whether the subject of an inquiry is a workers compensation, disability, or liability claimant, it is essential that professional Investigators be utilized with current knowledge of the law.

Workers compensation, disability, or liability claims may require “in field” supervision during the claim process and businesses need quality control mechanisms at various times.

POI Investigators are aware of issues affecting the claims process which is crucial in performing this service.

POI Associates are cognizant of claims issues and are mindful of the legalities involved in every case we undertake.

Accordingly, the conscientious reporting of the facts developed for our clients reflects that professional attitude.

Frequently, liability is shared or distributed among several different entities and POI Investigators present their findings in unbiased reports.

POI reporting formats reflect a clear and concise professional presentation for our client’s evaluation and for possible court testimony.

Corporate Security Consultations

Today, more than ever before, businesses must be cognizant of corporate security issues that can include workplace violence, intellectual property protection and asset retention.

POI Associates conduct security surveys, prepare schematics and protocol reports, create and write security manuals and post orders, and provide an independent reporting tool for such matters.

Special Investigations & Consultations

Periodically, there are those investigations in the business, corporate, insurance or legal venues that require the discreet services of a professional agency.

Members of the POI Staff are well versed in the handling of sensitive matters and streamline our services to fit the requirements of our clients’ particular situation

Employment Background Verifications / Compliance

Employees are the most critical asset of any company.

POI utilizes current databases and imparts current knowledge of issues when investigating the personal backgrounds of employment applicants for middle to high level employees and corporate level officer candidates.

POI advises our clients of the legalities during their employee application investigation efforts.

POI monitors current and pending federal and state legislation concerning pre-employment and course-of-employment background screening, as well as specific industry compliance requirements.

POI provides guidance to employers who seek to maintain a fully FCRA compliant background screening program.

The following links can aid employers in remaining compliant with federal, state, and local statutes.

Technological Consultations

POI Investigators are specialized in the fields of data forensics, network penetration, security counter measures, evidence handling, professional investigation and legal reporting.

POI services include but are not limited to:

  • Remote collections of electronically stored Information (ESI)
  • Unattended remote collections of ESI using a variety of sound techniques
  • Forensic on-site collections from desktops/laptops, mobile devices& network file servers
  • Complete disk bit stream storage, contained in a forensically sealed and logged evidence container
  • Fast dissemination of targeted directories, file types, and date ranges
  • Ability to collect and disseminate a multitude of mobile devices including, iPads, Android devices, and other emerging technologies holding electronically stored information.
  • Investigate and collect ESI and pertinent case information from both social media sites and from websites.
  • Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) and network penetration.

POI Investigators also support and certify regulatory (PCI, HIPPA, Sarbanes Oxley) and judicial investigations regarding unauthorized network access, Intellectual property theft and employee digital compliance.

POI Investigators specialize in electronic security breaches, specifically the investigation of malware attacks, CPE and hardware security breaches, active exploits, and various vulnerability assessments, search for deleted files or file fragments found in slack or unallocated space, and uncover and analyze internet usage and site history, file access history, and USB device usage and history.

  •  Investigate events on a timeline to help bring clarity to the evidence and support legal arguments.
  • Provide technically sound and certified expert reporting as well as testimony by court experienced forensic examiners and Investigators.
  • Assist your IT and software development team with the security of systems and applications.

Service Areas

Eastern Pennsylvania :
Philadelphia, Reading, Harrisburg, Lehigh Valley Metropolitan Areas

Central and Southern New Jersey: 
Trenton and Atlantic City Metropolitan Areas

Northern Delaware:
Wilmington Metropolitan Area

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